Using Natural Baby Bedding for a Better Night’s Sleep

By Guest Writer / November 20, 2016

During your newborn baby’s first year, he or she will do nothing else but eat and sleep. That’s why before you go out and buy the things your baby will need when he or she arrives, you must think about comfort first before style.

Since your child will be lounging at his or her sleeping area about 70% of the time, buying baby beddings made of natural and organic fibers will be a good investment. Natural baby beddings are relatively warm, safe and comfortable.

Understanding How to Get Baby to Sleep

A little understanding goes a long way…

Trying to get your baby into a deep, long sleep too soon may not be in their best interest, even though many parents think so. New parents, who are more susceptible to varying advice claims, may feel pressured to get their baby into a deep, long sleep right away. Babies do not sleep as “deeply” as adults do. In fact, babies take longer to go to sleep and have periods of night waking more often. However, there is a reason for this. If you think about the developmental opinion that babies sleep the way they do, or do not for an important reason, it could change the way parents view their expectations of babies’ night-time sleep and their sleep patterns.

And because your baby is your most important treasure, a natural environment that is rid of synthetic chemicals and products will ensure a healthy beginning. Most parents and baby experts recommend using pure grow wool, which is a natural fire retardant, or natural cotton baby bedding.

Natural Baby Bedding

What to look for

While there are a variety of fiber options out there, natural is the best way to go. However, to make sure that you get value for money and you’re getting something your baby will appreciate in the long run, make sure to check the labels of the baby beddings you plan to buy. If they say they’re made of natural fibers, you should make they’re telling it like it is.

The first thing you should look for is if the natural baby bedding is flame resistant. If it doesn’t indicate so on the label, then it’s probably not the “natural” you’re looking for.

Suppliers have the responsibility to itemize what makes the natural baby bedding they’re selling truly natural. If you’re not convinced, go look for another one. Always keep in mind that your baby’s comfort and safety are your priorities.

Ensure that the baby bedding that claims to be natural does not have the following:

– chlorine bleaches

– heavy metal dyes

– formaldehyde

– synthetic, non-breathable fibers

– pesticide residues

Sheepskin is good for your baby because it contains material that’s great to use in both warm and cool weather. Choose ones with skins are shorn, though, to avoid the risk of suffocation. Also, pick those that are made of organic cotton, eco cotton or pure untreated wool, use organic sheets for crib bedding. The labels always contain this information so there should be no difficulty in finding the right one.

Natural baby bedding products are relatively more expensive than the usual cotton or silk fibers, but they make viable investments. Since your baby’s welfare is what you’re after, it is suggested that you purchase all-natural products, instead. While they may come at a price, they will be worth every cent. And you’ll even be contributing to the preservation of the environment. That’s hitting two birds with one stone!

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