Top Home Improvement Ideas For 2018 That Will Add Value To Your Home

By Guest Writer / February 12, 2018

After settling into the New Year and recovering both financial and physically from the Christmas break, many people decide to invest some money in improving their home. This can be a good investment although there are risks with some improvements being costly or even becoming outdated quickly. This is why it is important to invest in home improvements that will not only will be appealing to the eye but also appeal to the wallet as they will help you save on bills and increase the value of your house. Following the four improvements below will improve your houses value and look while making life more convenient for you.

Keyless Door lock

Keyless door locks are don’t only stop the common problem we all face of losing our keys, they also offer a great extra layer of security to your house. Some keyless door locks even come with cameras allowing you to interact with visitors if you’re busy in your house or even at work. This will allow you to not only stop unwanted visitors but will also let you give instructions to delivery drivers to ensure you don’t miss another parcel. Keyless door locks will add value to the house, as it will show the previous owner has been security conscious lowering the threat of crime to take place in the area, thus increasing the home’s value.

Smart Controls

Smart controls are relevantly new to the common house. Controlling your lights, water and heating via a remote control can offer great benefits. Not only does this make life easier than adjusting a boiler or placing a timer on lights it can also save you a lot of money on your bills. Allowing you to save money on the heating by turning down the temperature when no one is in the house.  Lights turning off when doors close can offer a great convenience and save extra money via not wasting energy by accidentally leaving lights on. Smart controls will not only save your time and money they will also help the environmental with minimal wastage of resources.

Many smart controls are available ranging from high end devices that can be controlled from your phone allowing you to change the temperature of your house while you’re away to cheaper remote devices that can save you some time if you are busy in another room.

Outdoor living space

Summer will approach faster than you think. Sunbathing and BBQ’s will be round the corner and there is no better way to host a party than to be able to show off a new outdoor living space. An improved outdoor living space can increase your home’s value by a lot. The house will appeal more to families if there is an area for children to play outside. Adding a water feature and plants to an outdoor space alongside places to eat and sit can create a nice atmosphere to your outdoor space, making your house more relaxing and appealing to people.  An outdoor living space will allow you also to take some time to relax, being outside can greatly increase your vitamin D levels which will decrease the risks of illness and be a good benefit for your all round health both physically and mentally.

Interior Brick slips

Brick slips are a lot more common than you think. The thin brick finish can be placed over cladding that will not only give your house’s interior a nice modern feel it will also save you a lot of money on your heating. Brick slips are commonly used in modern restaurants and bars, correspondingly are now being used in more homes. Brick slips can be used in any area of the house. They can add a traditional look to a fire place or add a modern style to your kitchen. Brick slips will be a good return on investment as you’ll notice bills will decrease. The cladding under the brick slip will ensure your home stays insulated meaning less heat will be lost in the house. Brick slips can suit anyone’s style, with companies such as EuroBrick having a vast range of brick slips available.

Combining all these home improvements together will ensure not only is your house modern it will also offer a great return on investment. Monthly you will save money on your bills, security will be improved and the convenience factor will allow you to spend less time on household chores and more time on doing the things you love. The increase in your home’s value will allow you to make a profit if you decide to sell your house but that may be a hard decision after making all these changes as you may fall in love with your new-look modern house.

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