Top 7 Amazing Home remedies for termites

By Guest Writer / February 10, 2017

Termites are the insects which live in colonies and feed on dead plant materials. If one day, you see your half eaten book or a big hole on the woodwork, you should consider about the presence of these tiny white creatures in your house – termites. Irrespective of your place, termites can lurk everywhere. But the most common location where there are many wooden fixtures and furniture such as doors, shelves, windows, and tables. In addition, termites can appear any time of the year, no matter what the season is. However, the houses or places which have high moisture content, they absolutely create a favorable environment for termites.

As termites are a common and dangerous problem which many people have to face, it is important that you take steps and precaution to prevent your house from these pests. This article will share with you some useful tips to get rid of termites naturally.

  1. Orange oil

Studies showed that orange oil contains an active compound which can kill termites in dry wood. It is extracted from the orange peel and can work effectively against termites. Simply, mix some drops of orange oil with water and spray on the places infested by the termites. You will see the effectiveness in days or weeks, depending on the severity.

  1. Electrocution

Electrocution is the most effective method that helps you get rid of termites permanently. Plus, it is not difficult to find some electrocution devices in the market.  Using a high voltage and low current on the infested area can kill all the termites at once. However, some common building materials such as metal, glass may interfere with the electrocution process. In addition, you should remember to protect yourself from electric shocks and accidents by wearing safety gloves.

  1. Hot and Cold Treatment

As mention above, humid climate can help the development of termites; therefore, the extreme hot or cold temperature can kill these pests. It is well-known that termites cannot survive at the high temperature such as 120 degree or above and low temperature such as -20 degree or below. Furthermore, you can also take the wooden object or infested items under the sun. It will help evaporation of the moisture content and hence termites are killed.

  1. Boric acid

If you are looking for an instant and reliable way to fight termites, using boric acid is a good option. Boric acid is consider as to work effectively in destroying the nervous system of termites; hence it can kill the pests certainly. You can mix boric acid powder and water, then directly apply this solution on the wooden surface.  As an alternative, you can also spray some products contain boric acid on the infected area.

  1. Flooding the soil

If the termites lurk in the subterranean area, the most effective solution is to flood the soil in and around the infested area. This method ruins their habitat, cause them to scatter and run away.

  1. Cardboard Trap

Cardboard trap is nature and non-toxic way to eliminate termites. As cardboard contain cellulose which is known as a certain compound in attracting female termites. In addition, cardboard sends off a woody smell, so it can reduce the risk of termites attack to wooden furniture. Simply, you can wet the cardboard and place it close the infested areas. The termites will group themselves on cardboard trap, then hold it with gloved hands and flame it out.

  1. Soapy Water

Soapy water can destroy the respiratory system of termites and also prevent any infestation in the future. It is a reason why soapy water is a common choice to get rid of termites.  Mix liquid dish soap in water and spray this solution on any affected wood or areas. You should repeat a few time every day to get the best result.

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