Things to Remember While Going to Water Park

By Guest Writer / August 9, 2017

Water Park is generally the first in the wish-list for kids when it comes to outing during summer. A popular saying reads that ‘if there is a magic on this plant, it is full of water’. Yes, water besides quenching our thirst helps us in many ways to keep ourselves cool in summer. When it comes to summer vacation, the best outing most parents choose for their kids is to take them to Water Parks Especially, Water Park in Delhi. India’s first water park was develop in Delhi named Appughar

Parents search:

Most parents use the web to search for ‘water parks near me’ to help their kids to cool down in summer. Besides helping kids to keep cool on summers, water parks bring in a whole lot of fun aspects for children. If you are planning to take your kids to such a park, you should remember certain things. Let us explore the points that will help you in this regard:


If you take your child to water parks for kids, you should make sure to use a suitable sunscreen. It is better to do the same at least 30 minutes before reaching the park. Also, it is better to take the sunscreen along as you should apply continuously all through the day. Reapplying of sunscreen once in every 80 minutes is also important. This holds true particularly when kids spend time in water and dry themselves. When they dry themselves then and there with towel after they get out of each ride, reapplying sunscreen will help. Even, it would be better to use a lip balm with SPF 15 or higher value.

Getting there early:

You can also choose the best indoor water parks near you. Also, when the closest park is chosen, it will be easier for you to reach there early. Arriving early will help with avoiding long queues for each ride. In general, most water parks do not charge on hours spent inside the park and so it is better to start late from the park. Spending more time in the park will bring utmost fun to kids and it can turn out to be a memorable day in their life.

Avoid carrying unnecessary stuff:

In general, most water parks do not permit food inside. The reason is that they have food stalls here and there to quench your thirst and hunger. So, it is better not to carry too many things with you. It will be a burden rather. Of course, you might need two or three fresh dresses as the dresses will become wet in water rides. But, you can avoid some items like carrying food stuff. Even, if you carry them, you will not be allowed to take them inside the park.

Keep kids hydrated:

Remember that as a responsible mom or dad, you should make sure that your child does not get dehydrated. As he/she will be under the sun playing in water all day long that too during summer, it is easy to get dehydrate. So, make him/her drink plenty of water. But it is better to keep away from carbonated drinks with artificial sweeteners. The reason is that these drinks can contribute to dehydration. It is important to make him/her drink more water as compared to what he/she drinks on a daily basis. The reason is that at the water park under the sun, the child will perspire more.

Take towels with you:

As it is a water park, the kid will drench all way. So, it is better to have a couple or three of dry towels, such that the towels can be used as and when needed. Of course, your water park might provide you with towel. But, they generally do not have much absorbing capacity.

Dress appropriately:

All day long, your kid will be outside in the heat. So, it is important that they should be dress up accordingly. Cotton materials will help them stay protected against sunburns, and heat stroke. Make him/her wear water shoes, loose and airy t-shirt and a hat to stay protected against the sun. Also, sunglasses will help when the kids are away from water in the water park for some time.


Water parks without any doubt are places for fun and excitement for kids during summer. But, as a loving parent you should remember the above-mentioned things. These tips will ensure that your kid will remain safe.

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