What You Need to Know About Special Education Teachers

By The Sweet Home / March 13, 2018

There’s an old saying that a school is a child’s second home. Naturally, that makes the teacher a child’s second mother, or father. If you go to any international school in Manila, you will notice that they take this saying to heart.

In fact, it is more than a saying—it is a commitment, to the parents and the students themselves, that they will be taken care of, and guided every step along the way.

Of course, no two students are ever completely the same, and it is up to the teacher on how to handle them. One student sits quiet in her seat all day, while another spends a good amount of time running around and shouting.

There isn’t an absolute way to handle all students, and this makes a significant number of people believe that teachers are always stressed out. This may be true sometimes, but these teachers have grown to love their students, no matter how much chaos they cause in the classroom.

The fact that teachers love their students has already been established a long time ago, but what about special education teachers? Are they every bit as patient as regular teachers, or more? Is it because their students are less capable of committing mischief?

It’s a pointless comparison, but one thing should be crystal clear—there are a lot of things that make a special education teacher unique. They should be applauded and commended, but there are either a lot of misconceptions or things we don’t know about them.

So, what is it about special education teachers? A lot, but here are some things you need to know:

They Aren’t Miserable 

A very common misconception about special education teachers is that their job depresses them every day. People will likely say that their job is too unpredictable to be able to handle calmly on a daily basis.

First of all, being miserable at work is a reality. It could be because of the environment, or because the job wasn’t what was originally expected. Eventually, it becomes so full of negativity that even a high salary wouldn’t be enough to strike enthusiasm in the employee.

Special education teachers, however, knew what they were getting themselves into. They knew it was going to be a roller coaster ride, but they pursued it anyway. This means that they truly wanted this job, and that they are happy—something not everyone can claim.

They Believe in Their Students 

It is any parent’s duty to unconditionally believe in their children. Regardless of how good or bad the situation looks, a parent believes that his or her child can get through it.

Such is the case for special education teachers. Not only do they believe with all their heart that their students are capable of success, they also know for sure that they are more capable than what people think. They will keep having faith in their students, even when they aren’t their students anymore. 

They Are Extremely Patient 

Even before a special education teacher meets her class for the very first time, she already knows that dealing with them is not going to be easy.

Handling a regular class is a difficult task. Handling a special education class is a completely different thing.

The teacher must always carefully observe each and every student, because anything can happen in one moment or the next. If something does happen, then the teacher must be able to resolve it, no matter how big the issue is.

Needless to say, special education teachers have superhuman levels of patience and understanding. What’s even more amazing is that they are able to keep it up for so long, and without showing signs of giving up on their students.

They Love Their Students 

A special education teacher may tell her students that she loves them because they asked her to, or because she has to, to make a student calm down.

However, even without either scenario happening, she is most likely telling herself how much she really does love these children in her head.

She knows that her students may be in a good mood today, but not tomorrow. She knows that today isn’t the last time her students are going to give her troubles, but she goes in the next day anyway. She knows that some people are never going to give the children a shot in life, so she dedicates her life to make sure that those people are wrong.

Key Takeaway 

Special education teachers have a difficult job, but they have a remarkable ability to love and believe in their students as well. They are able to bring out the best in their students, and make them accomplish things they didn’t believe they could do.  They should be commended for their commitment to their students, and for doing a much better job than people give them credit for.

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