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By Guest Writer / April 28, 2017

WhatsApp is the leading messenger platform that has rolled out a new updated feature that permits the WhatsApp users to send multiple contacts.

The users from all over the world have access to the instant messenger app and it is available on all different platforms. The WhatsApp messenger app is identified as a green that has a white phone icon and the users can download the app from the respective application store. Before sending the text messages, the user must set up the messenger application in their mobile phone. Once when the app is downloaded, it will request the users to allow access to the contacts and the user should click ok and click on the Agree & continue button after reading the terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

The app users can create a WhatsApp account only by using the contact number of the user, so they have to provide the phone number along with the country code because the app is universally accessible. By clicking the Done button that appears on the top right corner of the screen, the users complete the registration process and the WhatsApp will send the users a text message along with the verification code, and the users have to select the link that comes along with the link. The users must enter the activation code to complete the verification process.

After the completion of the process, the users can enter the screen name that will appear on their display screen and they can also upload a display picture. If the users have already used the app, the can select the option to restore the chat history.

Sending and managing the chats

The users are allowed to send and receive messages for free using this messenger platform and they require only data connectivity. The users can compose the messages by selecting the chat tab that appears at the top of the screen in the case of the Android devices and is found at the bottom of the screen in the case of the iPhones. The new message option is represented as a speech bubble in Android devices and is represented with a pad and pencil in the iPhones.

Additional attachments can be added to the messages along with the text message like the photos, videos, contacts and other things.

The attachment icon is represented as the paperclip icon as seen in the emails, and it is present at the top of the screen in the Android platforms and in the iPhones it is represented as the + symbol found at the top left corner of the text field.

The camera option in the app can be used to take pictures and send them immediately to the contacts and if the user wishes to send any other videos or pictures or images from the Gallery- then they can choose the pictures option from the app so select the pictures from the list. The location details can be included along with the text messages and they can include the documents from the device or they can even add the documents that are present in the cloud services like the Google Drive. There is a microphone icon present near the text filed, so the person can send audio messages by holding the microphone icon to record their message and send it to the recipient.

Multiple contacts at the same time

The instant messenger app is testing a new updated feature for the Android version of the app and the user can register and use this feature to login to the Google Play store and try the feature as a beta tester because the app has not released the feature for public use.

The news about the new update was released by the Android Police. It is a website that features the audience about all the information related to the Android platform like the new devices, applications, phones, games, tutorials, tips, reviews and hacks. This website was founded by Artem Russakovskii in December 2009. He is a system administrator, supporter, and a software developer. The site went live on March 23rd, 2010 and by July 2014 the website serving over twelve million page views every month and the app have four million unique monthly visitors.

The Android Police was the first website to identify the new feature and it announced that the feature is rolled out in the beta version of the app. The website is not completely sure of the Android version in which the update is present; it claims that it must be either version 2.17.122 or version 2.17.123. All the activities in the app and functionalities in the app seems to be the same, however, the new feature allows the users to send multiple contacts at the same time.

Earlier the users were allowed to send multiple contacts using the Groups and Broadcast list and before sending multiple contacts through this feature, the user should add the recipient.

Still in the beta stage

App users have the facility to send any number of contacts or email information at the same time and save more time without splitting and sending the contacts to the same person. However, there is no change sending messages to multiple users and they must send it individually to each member in the contact list. And there is no ceiling limit and so the users can send the message to any number of contacts.

In the beta version, the beta tester was able to send more than 100 contacts to a single user at the same time and this updated feature works for both the individual chats and group chats. The user can send multiple contacts to another user at the same time by sending the contacts in a single box and when the user opens it, they can choose the contact that they wish to include in their contact list. Though the user sends multiple contacts, the message is sent in a neat order that is easy for the recipient to choose a particular contact from the list of contacts.

WhatsApp instant messenger app

WhatsApp is a cross platform messenger app that is supported by Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, and iPhone and the users using either platform can communicate with each other and they can join other contacts by sending those contacts invites to join the messenger app.

The messages and conversations are stored in the chat history and the users can clear the chat history to free some storage space in the device. By turning on the save incoming media option, the app will automatically download all the videos and photos that are sent by the others. However, this option incurs extra data charges, therefore the users who have limited data plan should make sure that they turn off the option because the user can download the media file individually by selecting the media files they want. And people who have limited data plan will have an increase in the data consumption if they use the WhatsApp messenger in the case of mobile data, so they can use the Wi-Fi connection to access the messenger and turn off the messenger when they are connected to the 3G or 4G mobile data to avoid the additional charges.

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