How physical exercise benefits you

By The Sweet Home / December 1, 2016

The exercise, practiced especially at an adequate intensity, has a series of benefits that have been endorsed by a great amount of studies and investigations throughout the years.

It is recommended to practice between 3 and 4 times a week, if possible between 35 minutes / 1 hour per session per day.

And in a certain sense we can choose between a diverse amount of sports to be able to practice it, taking into account – of course – our personal tastes: running, walking, swimming, cycling …


With just 30 minutes a day you can visibly improve your physical and mental health; Exercising on a daily basis can help you prevent colon and prostate cancer.

“The outlook is bleak, so it is essential to change our lifestyle by spending at least 30 minutes to exercise,” said Ricardo Sánchez, nutritionist and personal trainer of Anytime Fitness, a gym in the city that open 24 hours seven weekdays.

Those who perform a constant physical activity are less likely to become ill and more likely to enjoy a longer life. Well-being is not only physical, he says, the mind also favors. When a person exercises, he looks and feels good about himself.

Some benefits of physical activity according to Anytime Fitness are:

  1. Aerobic activity or exercises that need more oxygen such as walking, jogging, swimming, dancing, skiing, pedaling, favoring the cardiovascular system, lowering blood pressure and improving circulation, which reduces the risk of heart attacks and accidents Cerebrovascular diseases.
  1. It helps in the prevention of colon cancer, since it accelerates the passage of waste through the intestines. Also, by regulating hormone levels, it can help prevent breast and prostate cancer.
  1. Exercise contributes to better mental health, reduces stress, anxiety and even phobias and panic attacks. It is very functional as a support in the treatment against depression, as effective as medicines, but without side effects.
  1. The impact on the bones is very positive. In children it can increase bone density, in adolescents strengthens them and in adult life delays degeneration. It can prevent osteoporosis.
  1. With exercise the immune system accelerates temporarily, increases its capacity and defenses for the body.
  1. Regular physical activity helps maintain a healthy blood sugar level, which not only helps to control weight, but also helps prevent the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  1. With exercise you can maintain your ideal weight, because if you burn calories you can achieve a balance of energy.
  1. The flow of oxygen to the brain increases, so learning ability, concentration, memory and alertness can be greatly improved.
  1. It benefits the quality of the dream. An active lifestyle can mean a more restful and deep sleep, which stimulates concentration in the day, increases your productivity and promotes a better mood.
  1. In muscles, not only increases oxygenation, tone, strength and volume, it also favors flexibility, tendon strength and ligaments.

The most important benefits of exercise

  • It benefits the cardiorespiratory system and the locomotor system.
  • Improves the mechanisms of sleep.
  • It increases the energy expenditure and, therefore, the consumption of fats.
  • Decrease blood pressure.
  • Increases HDL cholesterol (also called “good” cholesterol).
  • It is effective against different muscle pains.
  • Anti-stress effect against anxiety and stress itself.
  • Help calcium metabolism.

Some recommendations to follow when practicing exercise

  • Start the day with a good nutritious breakfast.
  • Avoid ingesting foods rich in simple carbohydrates such as sugar, honey or candy during the 30/40 minutes prior to physical activity.
  • Avoid drinks rich in caffeine or alcohol.
  • Respect 2 to 3 hours after eating before any physical activity.
  • Drink enough and needed before the activity. It is imperative to drink water, if possible mineral, to help us recover lost fluids.
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