Perfectly clean home in just 30 minutes

By The Sweet Home / September 29, 2016
perfectly clean home

What if, you have half an hour a day? Then you can have your house always clean and with less effort. Get it with these tricks! Thirty minutes a day cleaning can end the “marathon” weekend days. To get spare time, it is best that you focus each day to do some. If you are consistent, at the end of the week your house will be perfect and you have cost little effort. It involves the whole family and not get bogged down if one day you cannot do everything you wanted. The following do a little more and go to perfectly clean home


MONDAY: Devote yourself to the bathroom

Week starts cleaning the area of the house that gives more “lazy time”, which is usually the bathroom.

Well disinfected.

Clean the tiles up and down (with the mixture of two tablespoons of grated soap and a tablespoon of alcohol) and disinfects sanitary (toilet, sink, shower …) with a mixture of vinegar, water and baking soda.

Eliminates lime.

Mirror and taps are those that tend to have lime scale, especially in areas with heavy water. You can remove them with a little alcohol (also use it in the mirror).

And moisture.

The last thing to do is to vacuum and then mop the floor. Then it is important that dry up well in the bathroom so there is no moisture.

The smallest.

Change towels and mats (you can re-do midweek) and reviews with hot water and soap jar of brushes and soap dish.

Good idea! A daily uses steam shower to review the screen and mirror with glass cleaner accessory and tends towels after the shower to catch no moisture.


TUESDAY: Improve the living room

Removes dust of furniture.

If they are wood you can use white vinegar, water and olive oil. Go over the TV screen and, occasionally, remember controls (is very dirty).

Put order.

Take that clean to save and organize anything that is out of place. If you have to use things not seen, save them.

And the ground.

Review the protectors of the chairs and sweep or mop passes. Make special emphasis on the dining room (usually fall crumbs to eat) and under radiators or exit to the terrace.

Perfectly clean home thorou the sofa. Remove the cushions and sucks the surface and the seating area and the backrest. If there is any stain, wipe it off immediately.

Good idea! Each day, try to do all in the living room before going to sleep. If task it look bigger.


WEDNESDAY: clean the kitchen

Clean the cabinet doors.

With water and vinegar and rinse with a damp cloth to remove odor. Also check the door handle that do dirty a hands lot.

Counter top.

It is perfect with water and mild detergent. Removes stains as they occur. Finally, scrubs the floor.

The fridge.

Grab the day of the weekly shopping, when it is more “empty” to clean and organize. Eliminates odors with baking.

The oven.

Get in a damp cloth after each use. Do the same with the microwave.

Good idea! Daily, prevents plaque covering dirty pots and pans and check after each use.


THURSDAY: Day bedroom

Removes dust.

Nightstands, dresser, lamps … with a tack cloth.

Until the last corner.

Remove the sheets and, before putting clean, pass the vacuum cleaner. Do not forget the space under the bed: you can spend a wet mop to wipe out dirt. Scrub the remaining soil.


Change it at least once a week (in summer maybe two). Seize the moment to once a month, turn the mattress.

Good idea! Daily, ventilates the bedroom about 10 minutes, better if you do it in the morning, exposes the bed and pillows cups.


FRIDAY: Focus on the ground

Pass the vacuum cleaner.

After removing the dust. Vacuuming is more effective and faster than wipe (no dust rises). Before doing so, looks back with a broom and base boards.

Follows a plan.

Start with the bedroom, make the hallway, the bathroom and just by the kitchen and living room. Remember also vacuuming carpets.

Scrubbing floors.

First passes through stays less get dirty (bedrooms, hallways, living room) and just why more (kitchen and bathroom).

Good idea! A daily prevents dirt “between” at home. Put a doormat at the entrance. A trick? Take off your shoes and leave them in the hall.

Good organization for perfectly clean home

Keep it real. Do not plan too much or too want to clean in the time you have, it is what is called intentional cleaning. Prioritize what is dirtier and leave the rest for the next day.

For heavier tasks. Do not let “parked” the heaviest cleaning. When you put, will give even lazier and will be dirtier.

Perfectly clean home Each 15 days

Review what “not seen”. With a tack cloth doors, baseboards, radiators and with a damp cloth switches and window sills.

Once a month

Thoroughly clean the glass. You can use a glass cleaner or make one with water, vinegar and lemon. Empty kitchen cabinets and clean them inside and out. Wash the hood filter in the dishwasher.

Twice a year

Grasp the change of season to thoroughly clean closets. Clean the blinds and curtains at home and take to the dry cleaner carpets.

Engage everyone for perfectly clean home

Make the whole family to engage in cleaning home, to the extent of its ability and age. Children can help you with the order of their things, dusting his room, rinsing dishes and put them in the dishwasher … The more hands collaborate in cleaning before it is ready.

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