Do not neglect your sight. Ten tips to keep it as new

By The Sweet Home / November 16, 2016

Watch your loved ones every day, enjoy the fascinating landscapes that are around you or distract yourself with a good movie. Small pleasures that are yours thanks to the view, but how do you care? Take advantage of World Visual Health Day and practice these steps to keep your eyes healthy

They are active from the moment you wake up, until you fall asleep in bed, however, you only pay attention to your eyes when they give you discomfort; Serious mistake! Because they require daily care to avoid infections, fatigue or more serious diseases.

On the occasion of World Vision Day, which commemorates this October 10, the expert Elvira Jiménez Guerra, master in clinical optometry and spokeswoman for the optics Alain Afflelou, offers ten tips to avoid major eye problems.

Once a year does not hurt…

On the contrary, visiting the optometrist every one or two years is the most advisable, even if you have not detected any problems with your eyes. In the case of children, the expert invites them to start going from 3 years to review.

Carrots are very good for eyesight, but do not prevent disease.

“Having everyone perform a visual examination prevents possible loss of development in vision, especially in children, as it can lead to delays in school. In adults, the progress of diseases such as myopia or astigmatism is controlled, “says the specialist.

Look what you eat

Good nutrition is also important for the health of your eyes. According to Elvira Jiménez, vitamins A and C, as well as magnesium, are fundamental for the development of vision but warns that they do not replace the review and other care.

Take care of your glasses as your eyes

No scratchy crystals and loose frames. The glasses are like assistants for your sight and you must give them the proper maintenance so that they remain as new as long as possible.

“They must be cleaned in wet and with optical products, not with other household cleaning that are corrosive and spoil the lenses. In the end, a damaged lens causes people to force their eyesight, “says the expert.

More than a luxury, a necessity …

The anti-glare in the spectacles is very necessary, because it helps that the eyes coexist better with the artificial lights and do not strive to focus.

“The more chubby the lens, the more reflection it generates. This reflex is annoying and makes the brain work harder. ”

Maximum hygiene with contact lenses

Contact lenses require a strict cleaning routine every time you put them on or take them off; Not doing so can lead to an infection.

“Women should be careful not to leave any residue of makeup and, in general, everyone should be careful to take protection if they are to carry out some risky activity, such as a sport or a work in which products that can enter the eye “, Adds Elvira Jiménez.

The expert also does not recommend sleeping with contact lenses, unless they are made for that.

Dark glasses, even in winter

The specialist says that even when sunlight is not uncomfortable, our eyes are on the order of UV rays, which wear out the eyes and generate problems like cataracts, retinal burns or other diseases.

“Before the age of 12, children have not developed their protection system and the rays give them directly; so it is important that they also take care of them from a young age, “says the optometrist.

Control Monitors

Impossible to live without computers, tablets or television, right? However, the eyes resent, as we often abuse these devices and do not use them correctly.

On lighting, the expert points out that you never have to use these devices in the dark, as that generates problems in graduation and extreme tiredness to the eyes.

“When we see the computer or television with the light off we activate two different parts of the eye. On the one hand, the retina to the center is activated to perceive the light and on the other, the periphery of the retina that activates with the darkness. This causes the pupil to dilate and between more light than we need, “he says.

Moisten your eyes

Like the skin, your eyes need to be moist. In case you suffer from dry eye, try to carry with you always artificial tears or drops prescribed by your ophthalmologist to keep them moist.

With age, more care

After 40, says the specialist, it is necessary to increase the precaution, because it is when usually present some diseases related to the eyes.

“Glaucoma comes after that age. People who are prone to certain pathologies, such as diabetes, hypertension or cholesterol, should also be cared for, for example. ”

As the age advances, we must be more careful with our eyes.

And in the end, the rest

They also deserve it so, as recommended by the optometrist, give them some time off and perform these exercises to rest from use:

20/20. For every 20 minutes in front of a monitor, look at the horizon 20 seconds without focusing on anything, this way your eyes relax.

Close your eyes tightly and relax your eyelids. Cover them a little with your hands gently. If you feel inflamed, use cold compresses.

Now, you just have to take all these steps to your routine and you will enjoy a good view for a longer time.


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