How to Maximize Storage in Your Garage

Do you remember the last time you parked your car in the garage? Is your garage the place to put things you don’t know what you need to do with, but you are not ready to get rid of them? Well, you are not alone at this. There are so many people who find it really hard to clean their garage and get rid of the things they need. But the real problem is that they desperately need the space to store the important things. There is actually a way to make that happen. Take a deep breath, we’ll help you. We created a step by step strategy for you that will help you maximize storage in your garage. So, let’s begin.

To be really prepared for this, it is necessary to make a few preliminary things that will help you make this process successful or in other words, to be prepared because it is not a simple process.

Do Not Get Carried Away

First of all, you must know that it will be impossible to clean the old things and forgotten objects covered in dirt in just one day. That way, you will only make a mess. So be realistic and it will increase your chances to make more progress than expected. What you need to do is divide this big task into smaller ones, you do not need to stress yourself out.

Choose a Weekend to Take an Action

Set a date to start with the cleaning process and make sure you mark it on the calendar and then do not schedule any gatherings or time consuming activities if you want to have enough time. Even going out for a coffee with a friend can easily turn into several hours of socializing because there is always something more that “must” be done on that day, and any new obligation stops you from cleaning your garage and preparing it for the other things you need to store. So, the best thing is not to go out for two weekends, otherwise, it will take you weeks or maybe months to prepare the garage. If your friends or family want to see you, you can ask them to come and help you.

Prepare all the Technical Details

This means that you will need to prepare all the tools that you will need. It includes bins, garbage bags and plastic or cartoon boxes for storage. Do not forget the scissors, adhesive tape for packaging and paper towels for cleaning dirty hands. If you have a car, clear the rack and make sure you cover it with something like newspaper in order not to get it dirty. If you do not have a car, try to ask a family member or a friend to help you to remove the things you do not need and free up space.

Find Clever Solutions for Storage

Most of us already know what we have in our garages so you can predict what type of materials you will need to easily put everything in its place. There are many creative solutions when it comes to storing tools, old clothes and storing things that you currently do not need. There is probably something that you can hang on the wall and thus free up space on the floor for something that is too gross to be stored on the shelves. You can also try to minimize the size of regular used machines in your garage. If you have a big air compressor to inflate your car tires, why not changing it with a small portable air compressor? It will help you to save big space in your garage.

Turn Cleaning Action into Socializing

Given the fact that you are working during the week and weekends are your only time for relaxing and hanging out with friends, why don’t you try to connect work with pleasure and ask friends for help? Be sure that many of them will be be willing to help. So, invite your friends to a cleaning party and get to work. You will have an amazing time.

Divide Your Space in Zones

After you are done getting rid of all things, broken and rusted objects you will need to take care of all the other things. What you need to do is sort them by the usage. Things for the house, memories, furniture and so on, and separate each category and arrange them in different places. That way, you will improve the process of searching for specific pieces in the future because you will know exactly where they are located. Pay particular attention to toxic chemicals, such as paint and similar products and make sure that they are in a safe place, away from the reach of small hands and curious snoopy pets.

So, what are you waiting for? Take action and turn this “work” into something nice and pleasant. All you need to do is follow this simple strategy and in just a few days your garage will be perfectly clean and ready to store new things that are important to you.

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