How often you wash your bra? Teat cups, extreme lingerie

By The Sweet Home / November 16, 2016

Here you have the most honest answer, your bras will thank you. Notes and follow these tips.

Underwear is one of our most precious treasures, bought out of necessity but has some erotic connotation that makes us feel beautiful and sexy when we decided to renew it. Does the showpiece? Bra, a companion that accompanies us for most of our lives and which sometimes do not fully get along.

Many women find it difficult to find your size, either because they have much or little chest, other designs are not what you dream and some complain that the constantly renewed. Many myths and legends about a garment that is much simpler than you think and that with proper pampering can last more than a year in your closet. Let the mess.

Forget everything your mother told you about the bra, even commented what your best friends in the locker room school; bra is not need washed every day, and whoever says is lying. Claire Chambers, owner of the luxury lingerie store Journelle recommended to wash the bra after 5 or 7 on. Obviously this rule varies depending on what you have done with the bra, is not the same if you practiced sport with the post (you must wash it immediately), if you come to dance or if you’ve simply taken during a workday.

Lace, silk, cotton, velvet bra is probably one of the most delicate garments in your closet. Protects and cares for your favorite pieces properly, you’ll thank.

  1. Hand wash all your bras: collects several bras of the same color, immerse in a bowl of warm water and add a dash of detergent for delicate. Move them a little and leave them in water for 5 minutes. They are clean, now you only have to rinse properly without twisting drain and let them dry on a flat surface.If for some reason the ends where fasten hook is dirtier than usual, you can rub a little to remove any dead skin or little spot.
  1. Avoid water at high temperatures: mars the fabric fibers, elastic and reduces the intensity of color.
  1. If you turn to the washer … there are some basic rules you should not forget: puts your clothes in a bag mesh to protect your bra possible snags with other items, select a delicate program uses the same detergent you use to hand washing and never enter your bra in the dryer. Washing machine can damage the rings crush the cup or even reduce the filling.
  1. When storing your bras, choose a particular drawer in which to put your lingerie neatly. Recommend to use a cup holders in the most appropriate way and take advantage of much space. If you have a very special outfit that you only use it on special occasions, wrap it in tissue paper, will remain intact.
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