Guides to choose double jogging stroller for Infant and Toddler

By Guest Writer / November 24, 2016

Balancing family responsibilities has never been easy since the introduction of jogging strollers in the market. Active families may now engage in outdoor activities and pursue their camping plans by using double jogging strollers. These strollers are designed to endure adventures and heavy duty activities which give babies a comfortable ride despite the bumpy roads.

Parents may now exercise with their babies, saving them money and giving them more time with their kids while also having fun. They won’t need to hire babysitters to watch out for their kids and at the same time they are able to teach their children to value the importance of staying fit.

Provided below are information on the advantages and disadvantages of these jogging strollers, the best brands and where you may buy such products. It is best to highlight that double jogging strollers are big investments so it is good to research more about these products and their specifications.

Pros and Cons of using Double Jogging Stroller

Jogging Strollers may have two child trays, two separate canopies, two front swivel tires and two infant car seats. This is an advantage especially for those parents who have twins in the family. Having two canopies for example is a plus given that you can adjust it depending on the comfort level of each child.Some models are also equipped with their own MP3 players and the sound system is not too loud, it serves as an entertaining device for the children in case they get restless or bored with the adventure.There are also models which have large foot rests, so in case the children gets tired and wants to rest, parents may just fix it and if you have a toddler who is light, he or she may opt to sit there and rest for a while if he or she gets tired.Some disadvantages however include hard or not so easy opening and closing departments, because some models are too heavy or sometimes if mothers may have packed a lot of items and put them in the strollers, these items may add to the weight making it harder to close or open.Also if there are standard doorways, there are models wherein one can’t fit the strollers to pass into if they are open, fathers or parents in general would need to close the strollers and open it again, so if parents are in a hurry, this might be a little hassle.

Best Brands

  1. BOB Revolution Duallie Stroller – One can never get enough of this model, given that it has been perfect for two little kids because unlike some models, this jogging stroller can fit in standard doorways. The seats can be reclined and they have foams and have thick padding which add to the comfort quality. There is also a large basket below the seats and cups may be placed in the seating area. Also there are individual sun canopies which parents can adjust for each child.
  2. InSTEP Safari Double Stroller – Unlike the first model, this jogger stroller is sturdier and mostly used for jogging and camping activities because it is cheaper. There are shoulder pads present and a bumper bar so that kids could hold on to in case they encounter a huge hump or uneven paths. There is also a storage basket and the height of the handle can be adjusted. Lastly, the best feature of this is that it can be easily closed and it can fit in any trunk of any car.
  3. BOB Ironman Double Stroller – If you’re the triathlete mom or dad, you may opt to buy this jogging stroller simply by looking at its name. This jogging stroller has all the great features despite being designed for high endurance events but still considers the comfort ability of the children. With high-quality tires, minimize rolling resistance and has a firm suspension which makes it easier to maneuver. Added to that, it can be easily folded, given that with just two steps it can be packed inside your car.
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