Cleaning the kitchen in less than 15 minutes..

By The Sweet Home / September 28, 2016
Cleaning the kitchen

Having a sparkling clean kitchen after meal is a task that should not be left for last. After preparation and tasting a meal cleaning the kitchen and washing all utensils that gets dirty is easy job. Advice is for a kitchen to stay shine, you should not leave everything at the end and accordingly using a pot, pan, plates or accessory covered and have done with them, at that time keep them in their location so not to accumulate excessive pots that you fill the dishwasher.

In the kitchen as you’re cleaning stains

Although you have an extensive central island, what we said in the introduction of the article it is the basis for your kitchen remains shiny. I have found in my own flesh is said and so that the end result is satisfactory, follow the premise that as you go smearing cooking, go cleaning, which the task is much more bearable ago and especially the order dominates in this case the space of your large central island.

A kitchen where direction is taking hold

When there is less space in a kitchen, is more fundamental order in the same, whereby the above premise that as you go smearing cooking, go cleaning, is much more important if possible, and since the space is less and probably do not have place to leave to drain both pileup, it is best to wipe them with a clean cloth and store in its usual place. The direction is taking hold. We finished the task wiping with a liquid soap from those used as hand dish washing.

Cleaning the kitchen

A kitchen with only a coffee fire

In this kitchen with only a coffee pot in sight is being at the time of the desserts and coffee and no kitchen pileup is not seen, no plates, no silverware in the middle. Another task to be gradually undertake is to separate waste, on the one hand organic and inorganic plastic containers or other glass containers and other paper container. Whereupon though sometimes a bit cumbersome, contributes to the conservation of the current and future environment.

In the kitchen and tile flooring must be cleaned daily

Once the pots and dishes are clean and set in place, now playing in the kitchen cleaning the floor and vertical surfaces. If, as in this case is wood flooring will have to use a specific product for wood. The vertical surfaces are usually tiling tiles on which is deposited a film of fat on them, which is good clean the surface every day, with this maintenance always shine by cleaning the kitchen.

In your kitchen clean metal bicarbonate

In a beautifully designed kitchen image as if the metal furniture have fingerprints or grease stains, the perception of cleaning the kitchen will be negative, but the rest appear neat and ready for magazine as they say. For it is a matter of dipping a rag with some baking soda into a paste, pass by polishing metal surfaces and then rinse them, the effect is spectacular. Failing that uses a product with ammonia, the result is not so good but you out of step.

Kitchen accessories must be cleaned

After washing the dishes, flatware and all into place, you have to spend a few minutes cleaning each accessories to provide us with the task of cooking, such as among others inside the microwave, grill steel and gas burners fires, the base of the rotary valve, without forgetting dismount occasionally aerator thereof in which their small holes lime usually containing drinking water are sealed. And once the list will wash cleaning rags for next time have them ready.

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