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    Amazing Different Home Decor Ideas & Styles

    By Guest Writer / February 17, 2018

    People often get confused with the process of interior decoration and interior designing. Interior designers help you in outlining and structuring the rooms, but the job of a interior decorator include choosing wall color, flooring material, adding accessories like carpets, rugs, showpieces etc., looking on at the aesthetics of the space. The interior decoration mainly […]


      Ideas to take advantage of the stairwell

      By The Sweet Home / December 7, 2016

      What can we do with the extra space under the stairs? This conversation has been done by many people who have indoor stairs at home. It is a place that we can get a lot of game if we do it well organized. Just as it is important to design the structure or the stair […]


        Perfectly clean home in just 30 minutes

        By The Sweet Home / September 29, 2016

        What if, you have half an hour a day? Then you can have your house always clean and with less effort. Get it with these tricks! Thirty minutes a day cleaning can end the “marathon” weekend days. To get spare time, it is best that you focus each day to do some. If you are consistent, […]


          How to clean the house in 3 hours

          By The Sweet Home / September 28, 2016

          There are no miracles. We know that a complete cleaning can last a whole day, two, and three … Depends on the size of the house. So in this book today some ideas suggestions how to clean house quickly when we know that we will receive a visit we leave. And we rarely have a […]