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    Top 7 Amazing Home remedies for termites

    By Guest Writer / February 10, 2017

    Termites are the insects which live in colonies and feed on dead plant materials. If one day, you see your half eaten book or a big hole on the woodwork, you should consider about the presence of these tiny white creatures in your house – termites. Irrespective of your place, termites can lurk everywhere. But […]


      7 Home Remedies for Geographic Tongue

      By Guest Writer / January 13, 2017

      Geographic tongue is benign migratory glossitis in which the upper and the sides of the tongue usually appears a map-like irregular, smooth, red areas surrounded by wavy white lines. You may notice it in other areas of your mouth as well. In the world, about 2-3% of the population suffered from this condition. This condition […]


        How physical exercise benefits you

        By The Sweet Home / December 1, 2016

        The exercise, practiced especially at an adequate intensity, has a series of benefits that have been endorsed by a great amount of studies and investigations throughout the years. It is recommended to practice between 3 and 4 times a week, if possible between 35 minutes / 1 hour per session per day. And in a […]


          5 Effective weight loss foods

          By The Sweet Home / November 4, 2016

          There are foods to lose weight sure you have in your fridge and are helpful if you want to take a few extra kilos. In this article you’ll know and surprised how close they are, in many cases, low price. Do not waste your time in light products, only including these foods into your daily […]


            How to lose weight with ginger root tea

            By The Sweet Home / October 16, 2016

            If you are going through a phase of weight gain, or increase of fat by inactivity and uncontrolled diet, ginger root may help you decide to start a new change of habits in order to lose weight so healthy & benefits. Medicinal and preventive virtues of ginger root for stomach and respiratory disorders are well […]

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