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    How to manage the schedule while you study

    By Ivan Hamlin / March 9, 2017

    Time management is the most important factor to achieve your goals. If you analyze the whole day of the most successful people of this era, you will notice that their entire day is managed beautifully. You would find that their every single minute is well synced and they are much aware of their schedule. Despite […]


      8 out of 10 teachers use technology in classrooms

      By The Sweet Home / November 25, 2016

      A study by IPSOS and Samsung reflects the current degree of implementation of new technologies in the educational field. The arrival of new technologies in the classroom is already a reality in Spanish schools and colleges. However, it is never too much to know the opinion of the education professionals themselves about the degree of […]


        Do not neglect your sight. Ten tips to keep it as new

        By The Sweet Home / November 16, 2016

        Watch your loved ones every day, enjoy the fascinating landscapes that are around you or distract yourself with a good movie. Small pleasures that are yours thanks to the view, but how do you care? Take advantage of World Visual Health Day and practice these steps to keep your eyes healthy They are active from […]


          Five Strategies for your children achieve more in their school life

          By The Sweet Home / October 4, 2016

          Growing up is not an easy process, and children often have difficulty in balancing school and their relationships with family and friends. Parents play a key role in improving the welfare and success in school and in life for their children. Here are five strategies for children help to develop individually and socially, and thus help them […]


            Six tips to protect your cell phone from virus

            By The Sweet Home / September 13, 2016

            Security firm Kaspersky Lab detected a total of 884.774 new malicious programs that want to make life difficult for users of mobile devices in 2015. The figure is three times the malware reported by the company in 2014: 295.539. And among the new threats, her company reported a Trojan called Triadas, which target devices using […]

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