How to buy lingerie: Your Ultimate Guide

By The Sweet Home / September 24, 2016

Honestly, this is all you need to know. In addition we found the most popular lingerie firm at the time.

If you still think that it does not matter, you’re wrong. The lingerie is in one of its best choice, lingerie passion invades the female wardrobe and fashion rules that takes effects more than ever.

In 2016 we discovered new firms & saw in photos, is called For Love & Lemons and has all the lingerie with you dream about. Different pieces, very elaborate and very sexy. Its two creators, Gillian Rose Kern and Laura Hall, have a single view that the difference at first glance. Prices are a tad high, but remember that you are paying a very different quality and design that so far only found yourself while browsing options or precious fashion editorials that only allow you to dream. Lingerie in which to invest today, that you can afford, and you can always carry. Why not try something new?

It’s all a matter of size

Have patience and time, go to a lingerie store and ask the clerk for your size. She will take action and realize what your size is.

Signs that you should consider?

Make Sure your bra is maintained at half back, if it is above or below, do not wear the right bra.

If you drop the straps all the time means you must adjust or size that is too big for you.

If your bra leaves you skin tags or any part of the hoop you cleavage, you need another size urgently.

The Bra should always be buckled in the last hitch.

Push Up Balconette or Plunge

The push up increasingly less adept. Your choice depends on your needs, if you’re looking to increase the volume on the top of the chest then you must choose balconette, if instead you prefer to increase by half, your choice is plunge.

Yes, you need a sports bra

It is a staple of your wardrobe sporty. Properly hold the chest when sport is important either health for convenience. Each breast has a proper grip. The female breast is composed primarily of glandular and adipose tissue, ie, no muscles that hold it up, so a sports bra is essential for all no weight on the torso. Check out the Nike and Panache.


You must go directly to the web or to any retail outlet of Agent, the lingerie looks after every detail and feel good all women. Trust our word, we found, researched and tested a lot. Perfect for special occasions.

While it is true that Dita Von Teese is who else knows about glamor and vintage. All their retro designs are sold in ASOS Shop.

Any secret?

If you have very little breast chooses triangle bras, enhance and are super comfortable. In addition there are also filled, but we are in favor of as soon as possible to accept what you have and enjoy the benefits of your chest.

-To check that is your right size, wear the bra, raise your arms and turn the torso from side to side. If the bra is your size, it will not move.

-The Molding pieces are up, work super well and are becoming more sensual.

Pay attention to the care of your lingerie. How often you wash your bra?


With sports-inspired lingerie in silk and wearing neoprene. You also still see many vintage pieces with high panties and lace details. The crop top returns with great force.

On the other hand, you must not forget to invest in a piece of design as any of the sets of Stella McCartney, will be perfect.

Do not forget functional lingerie

Not all special sets, you must also consider that in your everyday underwear you use is simpler. Do not forget to renew these pieces every three or four months. Among the basic cannot miss a strapless bra, panties laser cut (no rubber bands or seams, we recommend the Intimissimi) and some cotton culotte.

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