How to Pick the Best Camera for Travelling Ventures

By Guest Writer / November 6, 2017
Best Camera for Travelling

Photographs are the most important part of any travel, as it takes you to back to the memorable time you spent at different places.

If you are a full-time traveller or someone who prefers traveling in summers, in both the cases choosing a good camera could be a difficult decision for you.

Without sufficient knowledge, you can end up buying a poor camera in this era or a high-end camera which is tough to operate and has a steep learning curve, which would be ultimately not enough to capture high quality images.

There is a wide range of cameras available in the market. From Digital camera to DSLR cameras to mirror less cameras to 4k cameras, there is everything you need. But the difficult part is to identify your needs and to decide which camera would suit you perfectly.

Someone looking forward to click pictures on a family holiday can go for digital cameras, but someone who is into capturing wildlife and other natural sceneries should consider DSLR camera, and someone who is more into autofocus must go for a camera with maximum auto point focus. If you a travel vlogger and you tuber and like to showcase your journey to your audience, a DSLR or Mirror less camera is what you need. This guide features some best YouTube camera.

Considering all type of customer segments, we have added few of the important tips you must consider before you settle down a Best Camera for Travelling.

1. How much money are you willing to Spend?

A very important question that should be kept on top of the priority list. We can end the post here via suggesting you the ultimate Canon EOS 80D, but then the question arises, are you willing to pay $1.5k for a camera?

Get down and set a minimum budget you like to spend and a maximum budget you can go up to for something that really wins your heart

If you are really too much into autofocus, then we would recommend you to keep at least $400 aside for the camera itself (that doesn’t include the tripod and other accessories).

Now talking about the camera accessories, you will need 3 things for sure:

  1. High Storage Capacity and readability SD card ( $20-$40)
  2. A case or carry bag ( $10 – $100  depending upon the safety features it comes along with )
  3. A tripod stand

As per our suggestions if you can spend up to $500 for a Best Camera for Travelling then EOS T3 could be a good choice, and if you can spend few hundred dollars more, then nothing could be better than Canon GTX7.

2. How much weight are you willing to carry?

A $500 camera resting in your hotel room while you are exploring the world is a complete waste of money.

Decide how much weight you are willing to carry? DSLR Cameras are not light weight and need space to settle down. While the point and shoot cameras like Lumix Fz80 are lightweight and can fit easily into your pocket.

If you are a type of travellers who like to travel just with a tiny backpack then you must choose a camera that is small enough, probably a point and shoot camera or a mirror less camera.

3. How much time you are willing to spend on learning?

Photography is a skill and like any other skill it takes time to get good at it. So it matters if you are willing to spend some time on it or not.

If you buy a best DSLR camera for travelling and you have not given proper time to learning, you will end up taking poor pictures from it. Now it is not the fault of the camera, it will operate like the way you operate it.

So, if you are not willing to spend too much time learning how a good camera works, then better buy either a digital camera or stick to your mobile camera.

4. The Type of Best Camera for Travelling in Market.

Most of you would think that this point should be the first point of this article, but that is completely not true. Types come in the end, willingness to learn and budget come first.

  • Smartphone Cameras: The easiest to operate and most portable one and there is no need to transfer the pictures to your Laptop to view. Just click the pictures and navigate to the gallery to view. You can even edit the pictures right away on several editing apps available over Play store and App store.
  • Point and Shoot: A portable and lightweight camera that gets easily slipped into your pocket. For someone, who want to stay away from the hassle of holding and carrying a camera must go with them. Though they do not perform well in low-lighting, for general lighting conditions they perform very well. They can be good choice travel vloggers who want tiny little cameras during their travels.
  • Action Camera: For someone who is more into adventure, an Action camera is designed to work in tough conditions like underwater photography, clicking pictures in dust and snow.
  • Mirror less Camera: They are quite smaller than DSLR cameras but are no less powerful as compared to them. They come with full manual control, interchangeable lens and offer full manual controls. Like DSLR they also have a steeper learning curve.
  • DSLR cameras: They are probably the type of best camera for travelling offering auto point focus, great zooming quality, excellent image and video quality. They are prefer by professionals and need a good time to get one of the functionality.
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