Backpacker travel bag: What You need to know?

By Guest Writer / April 26, 2017

If you’ve decided to go for a trip this in this summer, no doubt you have the adventurous spirit in ON mode. Travel for about a month with everything you need to survive in a backpack of 40 liters capacity, without a language in which to communicate and without more guidance than your lonely planet, a map of the place, all the information you have collected from Blogs and your sense of direction has much merit. That is why it is very important to carry in your backpack.

Although it seems that when you see the backpack of 40 liters you do not have enough space, appearances deceive. This piece of cloth that occupies your entire back will be your best friend during these 21 days of vacation. You only have to carry the essentials and necessary to travel. Something very important is that you take things that take up little space and are light.

For example, as far as clothes are concerned, it is advisable to bring mute for 7 days, since during the trip you can go washing and reusing. I advise you to wear light clothing, to be of linen or cotton and avoid Texans as much as possible.
This special mention to the textile material has to do with the drying time , and is that the clothes of fine materials dries faster, which will allow you to continue advancing on your route without waiting and with less weight, since the wet clothes weighs More and we do not want you to get henries.
And never, never, never skimp on underwear and socks,

Something that can be useful, especially if you are a girl, is that you order the clothes in bags, this way you will always have a set point and you will not have to think how to combine it, it is also very practical since you will only have to remove from your Pack a bag and do not fasten.

With regard to personal hygiene, it is best to take 1 to 2 towels in microfiber, take up little space and dry instantly and to avoid the risk of fungi in showers outside, always wears slippers non – slip pool.
As for bath gels and shampoos, it is best to buy them at the place of destination or, if you spend some night in a hostel, hotel or hostel, take advantage of the courtesy gels.
A tip of chive grandmother: if you have extra space in the backpack carries wet wipes, you never know what state the lavatories are, and you can always save yourself from a rush.

Something essential in a trip of these characteristics is the first aid kit. So many hours walking can punish your feet and there is nothing more annoying than traveling with scrapes or foot wounds, it is like a Chinese torture. So do not forget to wear bandages, gauze, tape and iodine. And, if you get used to taking a medication, take it , prevention is better than cure. In case of flies: it never hurts to carry ibuprofen or acetaminophen, a basic in any first aid kit.

Last but not least, everything related to moving destination: A guide place a map, itinerary, one canteen to replenish fluids, sunglasses a hat or cap to protect you from possible heat stroke and cream Solar for long walks. Ah! And do not forget a mobile phone to keep in touch with family and friends and to resolve any emergency that may arise in your adventure.

As extras, you can always carry a camera or film camera to keep your memories, and, if fate requires an adapter for power. In this section we also include any object of evasion or entertainment like a book or a travel notebook to record your traveling feats.

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