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      Natural Home Treatments for Constipation in Baby

      By The Sweet Home / February 21, 2017

      What is Constipation in Baby? Be a parent, you must be worried about any bad sign of your baby’s health. Constipation in Baby is an enormous problem because of complex issues it brings over your baby’s life. Constipation may occur when your baby cannot poop in at least 3 days, For babies who are exclusively […]


        Ideas to take advantage of the stairwell

        By The Sweet Home / December 7, 2016

        What can we do with the extra space under the stairs? This conversation has been done by many people who have indoor stairs at home. It is a place that we can get a lot of game if we do it well organized. Just as it is important to design the structure or the stair […]


          How physical exercise benefits you

          By The Sweet Home / December 1, 2016

          The exercise, practiced especially at an adequate intensity, has a series of benefits that have been endorsed by a great amount of studies and investigations throughout the years. It is recommended to practice between 3 and 4 times a week, if possible between 35 minutes / 1 hour per session per day. And in a […]


            10 cities to visit in winter

            By The Sweet Home / November 27, 2016

            “Winter is approaching”, so point out these cities that you cannot miss in the winter season. No more traveling in summer! There are cities that in summer are resplendent but there are also others that will make the lovers of the cold go crazy when the winter makes its appearance. At this time of the […]


              8 out of 10 teachers use technology in classrooms

              By The Sweet Home / November 25, 2016

              A study by IPSOS and Samsung reflects the current degree of implementation of new technologies in the educational field. The arrival of new technologies in the classroom is already a reality in Spanish schools and colleges. However, it is never too much to know the opinion of the education professionals themselves about the degree of […]

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