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By Guest Writer / February 17, 2018

People often get confused with the process of interior decoration and interior designing. Interior designers help you in outlining and structuring the rooms, but the job of a interior decorator include choosing wall color, flooring material, adding accessories like carpets, rugs, showpieces etc., looking on at the aesthetics of the space. The interior decoration mainly concentrates on pairing up an open plan with corresponding furniture and decors, creating a beautiful atmosphere. Interior decorators draw different styles and bring them all together, showcasing your personal style.

We all have some sort of idea regarding the look of our dream home. Some people love to have a simply designed home with natural elements, while others dream of a fully furnished modern house. You can now make your dream home unique, with the greatest home decor ideas. Here, are some astonishing home décor thoughts that you could use on your new project.

Go Bold

If you like your home to represent your bold personality, try something out of the box, by coming up with a totally bold interior. Bold colors, decor, and accessories can bring out your identity, and makes a great space with your own statement. Overly designed rooms are not actually a trend in this modern world, so give minimalism a shot. Your home is the one and only place, where you could come up with anything and everything you love. If you want to make your home unique, go for it by adding anything and everything you love.

Give a little rest to themed rooms

People tend to select old and popular themes for their home interior. It should be understood that, those themes have been used by many people several times. Using same themes again and again, will lack your home’s individuality. So come out of the obvious cliche designs and try something new. Design your home interiors in a different way, mixing up various styles, looking on every minute details.

 Combine your favorite styles

A lot of people cherish their love of really simple and modern design style, as it is both appealing and serene. Giving a more homely and attainable feeling will help in having a great environment. Each and every style has an important place, but mixing these styles in the interior will provide a unique touch.You should start mixing up the styles, like traditional styled decor with trendy bold colors and modern furniture, or try to merge some other styles. By adding a bit of style mix up., can create a huge impact.

Give a little breathing space to the furniture

Arranging the furniture will be a boring task, but well-ordered interiors are way beautiful than cluttered space. Resist overcrowding a room, make it simple with less pieces of furniture. You don’t need to fill up a space with lots of furniture. Spend more of your budget on less, better-quality pieces, and your room will look better than anything else.

Choose your color scheme

For the overall makeover, first step is to come up with a basic color scheme for every rooms in the house. There are several color schemes in different shades. You want to select a color that fully compliments your house and accessories. Nowadays, people tend to have pure white walls, over other shades.

Hang elegant artworks

Hanging beautiful artworks balances the space, color and proportion of the home interior. Hang a minimum amount of artworks, that catches the attention of the viewers. Anything framed can look good, but as your home inside areas is unique, install some inspiring and famous works. You can add your own artworks as well. Hanging some great works that you love will set forth a cozy and homely feel.

Install beautiful guiding lights

When it comes to home décor, lighting has the most important place. Lighting your interior spaces elegantly will change the overall feel of your home. From a variety of options, selecting the right light, looking on at the illumination can be a difficult task. Install the lights appropriately in each and every room, and in the outdoor areas. While painting a room, consider the direction of sunlight, so that the house interiors will have a good amount of natural light.

Invite natural home interiors

The outdoor areas of our home naturally have a beautiful green environment, that keeps us refreshed and calm. Bringing the nature inside our house can be little difficult, but it is totally worth it. Installing natural elements like, wooden furniture, rugs, natural fibers, etc. will bring out a cozy feeling. Natural flooring, with wood or other materials, will also give us a chance to have a great natural atmosphere. Letting the natural light in and choosing nature-friendly elements will also help. Accessorizing the interiors with beautiful plants will add both color and texture. The greenery will provide you with a fresh, serene, and relaxing environment.

These are some of the amazing home decor ideas to keep in mind while decorating your interior space. For further details, checkout Kraftivo, a one stop destination for all your home decor queries.


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