Ideas to take advantage of the stairwell

What can we do with the extra space under the stairs? This conversation has been done by many people who have indoor stairs at home. It is a place that we can get a lot of game if we do it well organized.

Just as it is important to design the structure or the stair rail, we must pay special attention to this space and try to make the most of it.

So let’s see some interesting ideas to take advantage of that gap and turn it into one more area of the house.



Normally stairs are usually placed just inside the house. So it’s a good idea to use this spaces as a hangers. If the space is large enough, we can place a piece of furniture or hangers on the wall.



If we need extra storage, this is the ideal place to create a closet. We can make it to measure or looking for furniture that adapts to the space that we have. A system of folding doors or drawers allows us to easily access all corners.



Another very recurrent idea is to create in that space a study area. No matter how small the site we have, we will simply have to place a small desk and a chest of drawers to have a surface where we can carry out our work.



One of the options that I like most because it can be very much game, is to place a bookstore there. If it is made to measure taking advantage of all the available holes, great capacity is obtained to create a good library. If not, we always have the option to put individual shelves or a low library that will do the same function.



If the stairs are integrated into a living area, a great option is to create a space dedicated to relaxation or reading. You can design a work bench where you put a mat with some cushions or simply place a sofa or comfortable arm chairs.



In homes such as lofts, apartments or studios of small size, you can take advantage of the stairwell to design there the kitchen or a toilet.



And to finish, I leave you with these ideas so original. As you will see sometimes the lack of space sharpens the wit and there are solutions for all tastes. From using the stairwell to bicycle rack, to hanging a swing for the little ones. Or create a design log cabin or house for the pet of the house.

Whatever the use that is given up to this space, there is no doubt that it is a good place.

Finally, Why not you make the most of it.?

What would you do in the stairwell?

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