8 out of 10 teachers use technology in classrooms

By The Sweet Home / November 25, 2016

A study by IPSOS and Samsung reflects the current degree of implementation of new technologies in the educational field.

The arrival of new technologies in the classroom is already a reality in Spanish schools and colleges. However, it is never too much to know the opinion of the education professionals themselves about the degree of implementation of the same in the day to day of teaching. 35% of teachers  use technology in their daily classes, while eight out of ten do so on a weekly basis.

This is affirmed by a study of IPSOS recently made public by Samsung. In it, and in line with the digital world in which they have to be developed, it shows how 74% of teachers consider that this familiarization with ICT helps students to make responsible use of new technologies. 92% of the respondents also believe that the use of technology allows students to improve their technical skills, enabling them to perform better in today’s world.

Improving competence in cross-curricular skills (84%), which allows the connection of learning in different subjects, and increase the autonomy of students in their own learning (84%) are the great benefits that are perceived from the use of technological tools. In addition to the benefits it presents for students, it also has a positive impact on teachers, while facilitating the exchange of ideas between the educational community (86%) makes classes more entertaining (85%), as well as enriching And support their daily work to prepare and deliver the subjects (84%).

Spanish teachers also believe that, thanks to technology, students collaborate more (82%), strive to learn (79%) and understand contents more easily (74%), as well as improve the general Classroom (75%).

One in two teachers calls for more training

With the aim of boosting the use of technology in the classroom, one in every two teachers demands training, both technological and methodological, in their work center. On the other hand, three out of four teachers (77%) consider the concept of a “digital backpack” for learning to be interesting, substituting books for lessons in digital format that can be accessed through a computer or tablet. Finally, they also demand a good connection and high speed Internet access in 80% of cases, as an essential element to adequately address this methodological change.

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