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By The Sweet Home / June 24, 2017

One of the great advantages of the Internet is that you find almost everything you want, and almost always at no cost. However, this does not mean that what you are viewing or downloading is legal. If you like reading a lot, but you worry that what you are downloading is pirate, here we show you 5 sites where you can do it legally.


Of course, at first Amazon had a library. Although now the largest retailer in the world, Amazon started selling books, and remains one of its strengths. Fortunately, the platform has a large catalog of free books, which you can download for your Kindle or any device that is compatible with Kindle Cloud Reader. If you want to know the free catalog of the moment, you simply have to enter here.

Google Books

Google Books also has a giant catalog of books that are within reach of a button. To see the list, simply go to Google Play and then to Books> Most Popular> Top free books. Remember that you have to have a Google account, Gmail, YouTube, etc. To access, although at this point it is very unlikely that you do not have it. It will be much easier to manage your readings if you download the official app.

Project Gutenberg

Outside of Amazon and Google, Project Gutenberg is perhaps the best site to download books, due to its reliability and its ridiculously giant catalog. This website offers you more than 50,000 titles in different languages ​​and formats, and you can download them with a single click. In fact, you do not even have to register to use the site.


Anyone who loved to read a book in a smartphone, then wattpad will be one of the best option. You can discovering new potential authors — and finding their creatives idea, thought & fact. Wattpad, something awesome to read on. Find interesting from its large catalog. Platform of reading and writing book filled with wonderful free stories, just you can try! Wattpad has an app available for smartphones, ipads, and tablets too.


The library has a very old-fashioned visual appearance, but you should not worry. This site has one of the largest catalogs on the Internet, because at the time of writing this article you can access more than 113 pieces of reading for students, researchers and anyone who wants to get nailed to their various categories and subcategories.

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