10 Tips That Can Save Your Life

As technology makes our lives more comfortable, it also makes us more careless. We can feel that we are constantly in a security bubble, but the reality is that in every step we take there are dangers that can hurt us. A great Quora thread revealed some of the best tips that can save you or someone who is with you.

Our body can’t concentrate on walking and seeing a screen at the same time.

One of the most logical facts, but also one of the most ignored. The reality is that more and more people are totally neglecting their walk to have their eyes on the cell phone and this has caused thousands of accidents. In fact, the Netherlands already had to install special traffic lights for pedestrians addicted to their smartphone. Walking while paying attention to another element requires enormous cognitive effort and rarely can you do it satisfactorily. If you do not want to fall into a sewer or bump into someone, do not do both activities at the same time.

The heat is transmitted faster through a liquid. Keep your body heat keeping you dry.

Why do you think it’s so cold out of a pool? Because the heat of your body escapes faster. If you are going to go somewhere cold-humid, it is best to use woolen clothing instead of cotton clothing, because the former absorbs moisture and prevents it from reaching your body. If you are dry, you will be less cold.

If you get lost, walk downhill

Do you like to go camping or something like that? Sure you know that losing you is a latent danger, but there is a tip that can save your life. It always walks downhill, looking for altitude 0. Due to gravity, water sources tend to reach sea level and it is next to rivers, lakes and seas that people found settlements. You are more likely to meet people by the side of a river than at the top of a hill.

The limits of the human body follow a rule of 3

How long can we survive? It is an answer that can easily be answered by thinking of the third natural number. The body can endure 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter in extreme conditions, 3 weeks without food and 3 days without water. Hopefully you never have to make use of this data, but remember.

If you bury a sharp object, do not take it away immediately

In films and series we always see people trying to remove arrows or iron immediately after they were inserted into the body, but that is a bad idea. Although it hurts, the embedded object prevents you from bleeding, as it removes the loss of fluid can be uncontrollable. Cover the wound and leave the object until you find professional help.

If you see or suffer a public accident, give orders to the people

A very common phenomenon when public accidents occur is the “spectator effect”. The people are so impressed that they are usually paralyzed and do nothing to help. If you have to see or suffer an accident, give direct orders to certain individuals of the public, to break the paralysis. The chance that you will be ignored is very high.

It only takes ice to hydrate you in extreme situations

True, constant hydration is vital for the survival of the human being, but that does not mean that you should put yourself at risk for drinking water. If you’re lost somewhere frozen, just use ice to moisturize as a last resort. Your body uses a lot of energy to transform matter from one state to another, so drinking ice could get you dangerously close to hypothermia.

Most airplane accidents occur 3 minutes after takeoff or 8 minutes before landing

If you fear the planes a little, you should know that the most dangerous moments of the flight are the extremes: when you just take off and when you are going to land, 80% of the accidents happen at that time. Stay alert during those periods to locate emergency exits.

Fire deaths are usually by inhalation of smoke

If you are unlucky enough to get caught in a fire, try to calm yourself down. Throw yourself on the floor and cover your mouth and nose with a garment or cloth to minimize smoke inhalation. You’re more likely to survive this way than running out of breath.

A flashlight can serve as a weapon of self-defense

Since it is unlikely that you carry weapons to defend you from an attacker, a great solution is a flashlight. If you have a powerful lamp and point it directly to the attacker’s eyes, there is a good chance you will leave him blind for a few seconds, enough to give you time to run and escape.

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