The 10 symptoms that indicate that you have stress

Do you want to identify if you have stress? There are several signs that you can pay attention to and reveal.

Stress is a state of mental tiredness usually caused by the demand for a performance that is much higher than normal. Stress causes both physical and psychological problems to individuals who suffer. In today’s chaotic and convulsive world it is easy to feel stress at some point in time. It can lead to illnesses when it is prolonged. Lead to depression or anxiety problems and decrease levels of concentration, motivation and productivity of individuals. In addition conflicts occurs in their personal life.

There is possibility to take action and improve your health. It is important that you diagnose the main symptoms of stress. Usually divided into cognitive, physical, emotional and behavioral. After realizing your situation, you can try to take different actions and strategies to stop or slow it down. Such as practicing yoga, meditation, spending time in the sport on a regular basis, resting more hours, improving your diet or requesting a holiday for travel.

10 stress indicators

Distractions and lack of concentration

Stress disorder upsets the mind and causing us to feel scattered, stunned and poorly motivated. Unable to focus on a task or committing constant forgetfulness of objects such as keys or mobile phone.

Perpetual Tiredness

If the feeling of fatigue is constant even though you have slept a good amount of hours or after a long weekend of rest, you are likely to suffer from stress. As it often victims feels tired and powerless.

Negative thoughts

If you always see the glass half empty and you do not feel able to enjoy the good things in your life. If you do not manage to separate in your free time and your head always overload with work or other problems, stress could have taken over you.

Insomnia and broken sleep

If you sleep badly despite being tired from a tiring work day, your mind could be full of “noise”: outstanding bills, tasks to perform, projects to deliver or unanswered emails.

Changes in your appetite

Some people get stressed out and indulge on unhealthy foods, while others lose their appetite, or it becomes a roller coaster.


If you feel angry or you feel irritable – albeit in front of a commentary, sounds or situations at work or in your personal life – you could be manifesting the stress.

Headache and dizziness

It is one of the most recurrent physical symptoms of stress. It affects your quality of life more.

Sick people more often

Stress affects your health, reducing your immune system. Making you more likely to suffer from diseases such as colds, flu or viruses.

Excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco

If you increase the amount of smoke cigarettes or start drinking too often – or you lean toward other illegal substances, that are dangerous to your body.  You are probably looking for avoidance in the face of stress that could cost you to your health.


Closely related to stress and shows itself in various symptoms. Such as tachycardia, palpitations, chest tightness, shortness of breath, tremors, sweating, digestive discomfort, nausea, vomiting, stomach “knot” Feeding, muscle tension and stiffness, tiredness, tingling, dizziness and instability.

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